About music promotions and where to find them

10 questions for Kerstin Mayer, an expert in applying for funding in the pop music industry
, Management Backstage

Why does an artist need management? Everything you need to know at a glance

recordJet’s interview with artist manager Silke Grän
, Joey Band

“I think it’s really important to give everyone a chance to be heard – no matter what gender.” An interview with JOEDY

Interview with recordJet Passenger of the Month JOEDY
Alarmstufe Rot Demonstration

Red Alert! What musicians can now do to network

An interview with Danny Hellrung of "Alarmstufe Rot” (German for Red Alert)
, Bandfoto Sultans Court

Sultans Court: “We wanted something of that place to be on the record”

Interview with Sultans Court, recordJet Passenger of the Month in August 2020

The musician’s lawyer – what the VUT does for you as an artist!

recordJet in an interview with Jörg Heidemann from the Association of Independent Music Entrepreneurs
, LorensLorens

Lorens: “Life is too short, for anybody to not like Taylor Swift! “

Interview with Lorens, recordJet Passenger of the Month in June 2020
, Zukunft der Musikbranche Anzeigebild

The Future of the Music Business according to Julia Wartmann

Julia Wartmann on the future of music, getting ideas from abroad and the fact that fear is a bad financial advisor.
, Julia Wartmann Portrait

Julia Wartmann about Creative Support for Musicians

Everything you need to know about contests, clubs and the importance of non-monetary support for musicians in Germany
, Julia Hartmann

Julia Wartmann: The Best Funding Opportunities for Musicians in Germany

Everything you need to know about economic and cultural funding for musicians in Germany.
, Kaye Interview Anzeigebord

“I think I have slowly but surely arrived at my sound.” KAYEF in an exclusive interview

Interview with KAYEF, recordJet Passenger of the Month in May 2020
, Patreon

Earn money every month with Patreon

Patreon: a way for you as a musician to generate a regular income