, Girls Day 2024

Girls’ Day 2024 – A look into the future

Girls’ Day – pizza, music, diversity and the certainty that almost nothing goes to plan!
AotM Nicola Rost

Our Artist of the Month for May: Nicola Rost

Hitting society where it hurts

Grün ist das neue Schwarz! Über Nachhaltigkeit, grüne Artists und die Musikindustrie

Viele Artists haben sich für Nachhaltigkeit in der Musikindustrie ausgesprochen und einige arbeiten sogar schon daran.
AotM im April KAVFKAThomas Tiefseetaucher

Our Artist of the Month for April: KAFVKA

Between thought and action

EASYGEMACHT – new recordJet Partner

With the GEMA Check-Up Service you can easily check your GEMA data and income
MEWEM Europa

Inclusivity in the music industry: the mentoring initiative MEWEM for FLINTA*s

The mentoring initiative MEWEM for FLINTA*s

Your guide to a successful release via recordJet

Your optimized schedule - from the studio to the charts.
, Masterclass WIP

The Art of Social Media Marketing

Our tips from our Masterclass with We Influence People
Artist of the month Tiffany Aris

Our Artists of the month for March: Tiffany Aris

Pop meets 80iger Soul
Spotify preferred

recordJet is officially one of Spotify’s preferred distributors

recordJet is listed as a "preferred and recommended provider" in Spotify's provider directory
Discovery Mode

Discovery Mode now available for everyone in Spotify for Artists

 All information and changes to Spotify's Discovery Mode
Streit bei Universal Music und TikTok

Universal Music Group versus TikTok – what’s behind the dispute?

The two business giants' dispute over royalties has silenced TikTok