Bury Me Alive Bandfoto

Passenger of the Month in January 2021: Bury Me Alive

Our Featured Artists for January: Bury Me Alive
Spotify Canvas

Level Up Your Music with Spotify Canvas

Spotify Canvas offers you a new way to present your music creatively

Passenger of the Month in December: Antifuchs

Our featured artist for December: Rap-legend Antifuchs
, Spotify Promo Cards Mockup

The Spotify Promo Cards: Spotify promo made easy (Update August 2021)

Spotify’s promo cards are simple, personalised assets for artists

The Perfect Press Release in 3 Steps

How to write the perfect press release for musicians
weihnachtsbaum auf vw bulliDenise Johnson

Apple Music: Holiday delivery deadlines 2020/21

Musiker als Marke

Musician as a brand – this is how you sell yourself and your music

The musician as a brand - with The Musicbrokers

Passenger of the Month in October: LAYLA

LAYLA: recordJet Passenger of the Month in October 2020
Tom & Hauke / The Musicbrokers

The Musicbrokers: Consultative Product Management for recordJet Passengers

The Musicbrokers are recordJet’s new on-board partners

What is VUT doing for you as a musician? (Take Me To The Moolah – Part 7)

recordJet in an interview with Jörg Heidemann from the Association of Independent Music Entrepreneurs