, How to Tik Tok

How to: TikTok for Musicians

How a Musician Should Use the Hype Platform TikTok
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Go online! The advantages and disadvantages of digital music lessons

Digital music lessons: useful or useless?
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Our playlists: Curated by the recordJet-Team for you

Five recordJet playlists on Spotify, Apple Music & Napster
, neue Stores Sommer 2020

New stores at recordJet (July 2020)

You can now deliver your Releases to TikTok, Resso, Anghami, KKBOX and NetEase via recordJet

Passenger of the Month in July 2020: Rola

recordJet Passenger of the Month in July 2020
, Zukunft der Musikbranche Anzeigebild

What’s up? The Future of the Music Business according to Julia Wartmann (Show me the Moolah Part 6)

Julia Wartmann on the future of music, getting ideas from abroad and the fact that fear is a bad financial advisor.
, Julia Wartmann Portrait

Julia Wartmann: Creative Support for Musicians (Show Me the Moolah – Part 5)

Everything you need to know about contests, clubs and the importance of non-monetary support for musicians in Germany
, Julia Hartmann

Julia Wartmann: The Best Funding Opportunities for Musicians in Germany (Show Me the Moolah – Part 4)

Everything you need to know about economic and cultural funding for musicians in Germany.
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“I think I have slowly but surely arrived at my sound.” KAYEF in an exclusive interview

Interview with KAYEF, recordJet Passenger of the Month in May 2020
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The Pretty Perfect Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Electronic press kit template - a must have