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The Spotify Promo Cards: Spotify promo made easy (Update August 2021)

Spotify has recently made it particularly easy for you to create graphics for the promotion of your Spotify releases. The Promo Cards make it easy to create personalised assets and share your music with your fans and friends via social media. There’s no need to tinker with your Spotify look any more; now you can […]


Passenger of the Month in November 2020: Kruder & Dorfmeister

There is geological time and deep-space time. The natural worlds time, and quantum time. Humans started measuring time with the stars and seasons. Then came hourglasses and sundials. The first mechanical clocks weren’t in Europe until  the late 13th century. Then came industrial time, a wristwatch for all and then everything had a time. A time […]


The Perfect Press Release in 3 Steps

Press releases are an important advertisement for all musicians. Whether you want to promote your music through blogs, want to offer online media a première of your video or are pitching your newest project to a magazine, you will always need a piece of writing about yourself and your current work. This should be as […]


Apple Music: Holiday delivery deadlines 2020/21

The holidays are a busy period in any industry. Like every year, iTunes has published their holiday delivery deadlines in advance. If you plan to release new music on Apple Music  in November and December 2020, make sure you are familiar with the following deadlines: IMPORTANT: Please upload your music to recordJet as far in […]


Musician as a brand – this is how you sell yourself and your music

This article is a guest contribution from our partners “The Musicbrokers“. The Musicbrokers connect creatives, the industry and the consumer. Their goal is to ensure that your product or you as an artist can achieve the widest audience possible. Find more information on our cooperation here. “Musicians as a brand? What is going on? I’m […]


Passenger of the Month in October: LAYLA

    Click on the button to load the content from Load content   Find out more about LAYLA on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.   Each month the recordJet Crew and a handful of music editors will award the recordJet artist with the best release. As a reward, each Passenger of the Month will receive basic […]


The Musicbrokers: Consultative Product Management for recordJet Passengers

The Musicbrokers are recordJet’s new on-board partners in the area of “Consultative Product Management”. What exactly does this mean for you and your music? It’s quite simple: your music wants be sold, so, just like a physical release, it needs a marketing strategy, a concept, an idea. Perhaps you have a fully formed idea and […]


What is VUT doing for you as a musician? (Take Me To The Moolah – Part 7)

The VUT is a very important organisation for musicians. Never heard of it? We headed off to Berlin Charlottenburg, to have a chat with the managing director of the Verband Unabhängiger Musikunternehmer*innen (Association of Independent Musicians and Music Companies – VUT), Jörg Heidemann. It was a very intense interview about the relevance of music created […]


Passenger of the Month in September: Sultans Court

  Our recordJet Passengers of the Month in September: SULTANS COURT.         Click on the button to load the content from Load content Find more about Sultans Court on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube   Each month the recordJet Crew and a handful of music editors will award the recordJet artist with the best release. […]


ease – digital marketing for recordJet passengers

recordJet has a new partner for digital marketing on board. But digital marketing for musicians, what does that mean? It is as simple as this: Everything is digital – today, this is more true than ever. That is why marketing for your releases and for you as a musician in general now has a strong focus on online […]


Passenger of the Month in August 2020: VON WELT

Who puts everything they’ve got into their music? At the point where other musicians are pulling the plug on their business studies, VON WELT are letting go of something else: anything that connects them to a normal everyday life involving studies, a job and a home town.   Following on from their very first single […]