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How to: YouTube – the basics for your channel

Reach, algorithms and keywords are words that have become incredibly important in the last 10 years. There are rules of the game, for example, for what your keywords should be in order to generate the greatest possible range online, so that the algorithms work and your music video can be found and viewed. Sounds complicated? […]


Our Passenger of the Month in January 2022: Amewu!

The world’s on fire. And it was on fire when, in the middle of the 2000s, a young man appeared in Berlin rap cyphers in dark cellar bars and stifling youth clubs. He took the mic and with a throaty, murky voice, rapped about a rusting soul and connected his mental abysses to criticism from […]


SwipeUp Marketing – a new on board service from recordJet

There’s no doubt about it: whether you’re advertising your new album, looking for new target groups or expanding your fanbase, launching ad campaigns on social media platforms simply makes sense. But creating social media ads is not always easy; ad managers have their struggles and there are plenty of tips and tricks for making optimal […]


Our Passenger of the Month in December: SALOMEA!

A conversation. SALOMEA manifests a contemporary multi-genre melting pot: Music going in depth, a band taking risks, a voice from another universe, precise and warm. Defining music as art with a strong belief in love, respect and honesty. Asking for open minded ears to face this carefully balanced proposition of the music of the future. […]


Spotify meets Shopify! So what exactly does this mean for you as an artist

Wait, shopping and streaming?! Oh yes! A combination that is more practical for both musicians and consumers. This is why the collaboration between the streaming provider Spotify and the e-commerce and omnichannel platform is a practical stroke of luck. We have summarised here exactly what the benefits are for you and how you can take […]


Our Passenger of the Month in November: Sam Davies!

The young hip-urban artist, Sam Davies, also known as “Malditopapi”, has returned with his second solo release, a new mixtape entitled “Cruise Control”. Sam is one of the latest musical talents to come from Barcelona, following on from artists such as Rosalia, Bad Gyal, Morad and Leiti Sene. His multilingual talent and his American trap […]


Apple Music: Holiday delivery deadlines 2021/22

Same procedure as every year: Apple Music has published their holiday delivery deadlines in advance. If you plan to release new music on Apple Music  in November and December 2021, make sure you are familiar with the following deadlines: IMPORTANT: Please upload your music to recordJet as far in advance as possible, ideally MORE than two […]


Everything you need to know about funding for musicians

Funding sources for musicians – there are much more of them than you might sometimes imagine. But how do you get the money, what expenses can be covered by funding and how do you actually calculate a realistic amount of funding? We asked an expert all of these questions and more. Kerstin Mayer spent her […]


Our Passenger of the Month in October: Sumpa!

Sumpa, whose real name is Christian Tshisumpa, is a young musician and producer from the Aachen area who, despite a successful football career, has decided to become a musician. His passion & mission is to make R&B big in Germany. The multi-instrumentalist is blazing a trail through the German musical landscape with his international aspirations […]


How to: Upload your song lyrics to stores

Again and again recordjet passengers ask us how to upload the lyrics of their releases to the respective stores, e.g. on Instagram for use in Stories. Since the process as it is isn’t easy to understand, we’ll guide you through it step by step. One thing first: a distributor like recordJet cannot send your song […]


Level up Spotify! The new features Fan Study and Greenroom are now available

Spotify is not only one of the world’s largest streaming platforms, it also offers you many features that are important for and help you with marketing your music. In addition to Spotify Canvas, Spotify Promo Cards and all the options available in Spotify for Artists, you can now also take advantage of the latest features […]