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Our Passenger of the Month in August 2022: Import Export!

Import Export, that’s dialogue, transfer, contrast. That’s ones and zeros, greyscales and shock colours, slow motion and fast motion, Josi Miller and Stefan Heinrich. The haptic-linear sound of the producer duo, permeated with big-city appeal, moves stylistically between the fields of indie, electronica, house and lo-fi hip-hop and is above all one thing: extremely innovative. […]


Our Passenger of the Month in July 2022: BABE!

What does it sound like when Dua Lipa falls in love with punk music? What happens when Rafael Nadal suddenly swaps his tennis racket for a massive electric guitar?  This band’s serve is world class and at least as exciting as the answers to these questions. A band called BABE: indie punk pop from the […]


Our Passenger of the Month in June 2022: Bulgarian Cartrader!

Bulgarian Cartrader is the moniker of Sofia born singer and producer Daniel Stoyanov. Before starting out with his own brainchild, the fishing enthusiast has been working as a salsa dancer, background singer and songwriter, working with acts like Solomun, or German rapper Casper and stadium filling raggae band SEEED. Driven by his passion for sounds, […]


Our Passenger of the Month in May 2022: Edo Saiya!

It’s been a long time since Edo Saiya was a blot on the landscape of German music. The native Cologner has had 4 albums in the top five of the German album charts in the last two years. His last album, “Polar”, reached number 1 in the charts. His music is somewhere between rap, rock […]


Our Passenger of the Month in April 2022: EVÎN!

EVÎN is a singer, songwriter and producer. Her music combines R&B, soul and her oriental roots with melancholic moods, sometimes beat-heavy, sometimes carried and atmospheric. She is inspired by artists such as James Blake, Rosalía, Jorja Smith, FKA Twigs and Sufjan Stevens. Her songs, which she has been releasing since 2020 together with her team […]


Our Passenger of the Month in March 2022: Dead Rabbit!

As Marsimoto’s producer, Dead Rabbit reinvented German pop music a bit in the mid-noughties. Now the Rostock native is giving himself a reboot. On his first own albums “Dark Shades / Bright Lights” he gathers old heroes, long-time friends and new stars for a new future. It’s one of those boiling hot nights of summer […]


How to: Get journalists to notice you

There are unwritten laws for almost everything. Including for how to make it easier to get noticed by the press – which is very important! If you appear in the media, you don’t just reach a new audience, but you also gain street cred. Of course, if you’re with a label or a promo agency, […]


Our Passenger of the Month in February 2022: Figure Beach!

Johannes, Patrick and Paul together make Nuremberg’s new indie rock band, Figure Beach. The three friends have known each other since they were young and have each carved their own separate careers in music. They came together to form Figure Beach in 2021 and their musical roots and interests have influenced their debut EP that […]


lennon.grafik – a new on-board partner from recordJet!

It’s all about the looks! OK, perhaps that’s not quite right – the music is what’s most important. But a well-rounded release includes more than just the finished track, it needs the right cover artwork too. A cover can evoke the contents of the release, depict you, the artist, or provide a decorative element. But […]


How to: YouTube – the basics for your channel

Reach, algorithms and keywords are words that have become incredibly important in the last 10 years. There are rules of the game, for example, for what your keywords should be in order to generate the greatest possible range online, so that the algorithms work and your music video can be found and viewed. Sounds complicated? […]


Our Passenger of the Month in January 2022: Amewu!

The world’s on fire. And it was on fire when, in the middle of the 2000s, a young man appeared in Berlin rap cyphers in dark cellar bars and stifling youth clubs. He took the mic and with a throaty, murky voice, rapped about a rusting soul and connected his mental abysses to criticism from […]


SwipeUp Marketing – a new on board service from recordJet

There’s no doubt about it: whether you’re advertising your new album, looking for new target groups or expanding your fanbase, launching ad campaigns on social media platforms simply makes sense. But creating social media ads is not always easy; ad managers have their struggles and there are plenty of tips and tricks for making optimal […]