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Passenger of the Month in February 2017: Alice Merton

Passenger of the Month in February: Alice Merton “I‘ve got no roots, but my home was never on the ground” One whole sentence seems to sum up the life of the English/Canadian singer and songwriter Alice Merton. Four countries and eleven moves later, she starts to take her first independant steps into the music industry. Raised in Canada, finishing […]


Passenger of the Month in January 2017: Tower, Antenna

Passenger of the Month in January 2017: Tower, Antenna Tower, Antenna create music that is bittersweet, gritty and alluringly catchy. Hamburg residents Ulrich Witt, Florian Schmuck and Stephan Richter reformed the trio in 2015, with post-punk- style vocals, melancholic guitar melodies and dark electronic instrumentation, paving the way for their first collection of songs. The […]


More tips on how to get the most out of Spotify (for advanced users)

This article updates and expands on our most popular article of all times: Captain’s Advice: 3 ways to make the most of Spotify. The above linked article explains the basics of how Spotify works, including the following points: – How to establish a verified profile on Spotify – How to upload an artist banner image […]


Passenger of the Month in December 2016: Vega

Passenger of the Month in December 2016: Vega Buy now: Vega – Dreggisch und roh Click on the button to load the content from Load content Find more information on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter and on the official Vega website. Einmal im Monat präsentiert recordJet den Passenger of the Month. Gewählt von der […]


iTunes: Holiday music delivery deadlines 2016

Like each year, iTunes has informed recordJet about their year end delivery deadlines for November, December and January 2016/17. Please check the table below for the deadlines for delivery to iTunes (right column). IMPORTANT: Substract 2-3 labor days from each deadline in the right column to know by when each release needs to be uploaded […]


Passenger of the Month in November 2016: Taktloss

Passenger of the Month in November: Taktloss This biography has been adopted from Taktloss without modifications or alterations: Taktlo$$: Born in the West-Berlin, in the days when Berlin was separated. To make a long story short, he is tactless. „Battlereimpriorität“ was his first album released in 1997. In those days he was part of the […]


Ask the crew: Add title information in iTunes

You might have seen this before: You insert a CD into your computer, open iTunes and immediately see all the correct title information. You know which track is which. However, this doesn’t seem to work with all CDs, because sometimes all you see is “Track 01″, Track 02” etc. Very helpful indeed!     Why […]


Passenger of the Month in October 2016: Alfred Quest

Passenger of the Month in October: Alfred Quest Listen now: Alfred Quest – Midlife Wellness Click on the button to load the content from Load content Find more information on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and on the official Alfred Quest website. Each month the recordJet Crew and a handful of music editors will award the […]


Ask the Crew: All About Streaming Earnings

One of the most common questions the support crew receives on a daily basis is: “How is streaming income generated? Why are there so many positions after decimal point? And why did I earn less/more money per stream than last month?”  #TakeNoShit: Streaming Horror Stories The music industry press is full of fear-inducing horror stories […]


Passenger of the Month in September 2016: Jaxx

We are Jaxx, a producer and DJ duo from Germany, Cologne / Düsseldorf that climbed to the top within a few months. Since 2003 we have been producing various styles of music, collaborating with artists such as Carlprit, TomE (DJ Antoine-Bella Vita ), Baby Brown and many more. Since 2015 we have been working with […]