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Passenger of the Month in June 2016: Erica Dee

Passenger of the Month in June 2016: Erica Dee Erica Dee has been living a life some people only dream of ‐ traveling the world as a Vocalist, DJ & MC. Her soothing, honey laced voice and playful melodies make her a highly sought after featured vocalist for many artists, and after years of noteworthy […]


Passenger of the Month in May 2016: SXTN

  Passenger of the Month in May 2016: SXTN At the end of 2015, German female Hiphop-Duo „SXTN“ released their first video called „Deine Mutter“ („Your Mother“). Instantaneously it got people talking, but opinions were divided: Are women allowed to talk like that? With explicit content so harsh, so direct? Male hiphop acts are doing it every […]


Passenger of the Month in April 2016: The Living

  Passenger of the Month in April 2016: The Living Take one pair of siblings, then another one, add a guitar playing adoptee and then you have: The Living. The band consisting of 20 to 23 year olds, has just recently released their new EP „Open Stories“. Now, two years and two releases later, you […]


recordJet passengers Milky Chance sweep up Gold in the US

– 500,000 digital sales and streams for Stolen Dance – Rare overseas success for German musicians – First US TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel They have reached warp speed and are unstoppable. The triumphant march of recordJet passengers Milky Chance has now reached the US, and continues unabated. High school graduates Clemens Rehbein and Philipp […]


iTunes: Holiday music delivery deadlines 2015/16

Like each year, iTunes has published their year end delivery deadlines for November, December and January 2015/16. Please check the table below for the deadlines for delivery to iTunes. Substract 2-3 labor days from each deadline in the right column to know by when each release needs to be uploaded on recordJet. Note that music […]


Soulfood is our new co-pilot for physical distribution

CD’s days are not yet over. With Soulfood on board as our new co-pilot, we have found an experienced physical distribution partner. As of now, you can book the new service “Physical Distribution with Soulfood” on our website and reserve your flight toward the most important retail stores. In this section, we would like to […]


Captain’s Advice: Setup your iTunes links so they don’t go to Apple Music

As the newest streaming service on the block, Apple Music has made several headlines since launching a few weeks ago. So that you can understand all of its functions, especially when it comes to the differences between iTunes and Apple Music, we’ve prepared another tutorial covering “How to use Apple Music (and also iTunes) correctly”. […]