, VILLFORTH Passenger of the Month

Our passenger of the month for May 2023: VILLFORTH

Pop between deep sea divers and blue skies on Venice Beach
, Batomae

Our Passenger of the Month in April 2023: Batomae

Pop with a lot of heart: Batomae

How to: Get journalists to notice you

Place your music in the correct media
, Management Backstage

Why does an artist need management? Everything you need to know at a glance

recordJet’s interview with artist manager Silke Grän
Songtexte auf Instagram

How to: Upload your song lyrics to stores

Making lyrics available on Instagram and other social media – here’s how it works!
, Urheberrecht Musik Beitragsbild

The new copyright law! Are you actually getting your money?

Why now is the right time to actively campaign for a fair copyright law.
Alarmstufe Rot Demonstration

Red Alert! What musicians can now do to network

An interview with Danny Hellrung of "Alarmstufe Rot” (German for Red Alert)
Spotify Tablet

How to get the best out of Spotify

More Streams and Tipps for your Music (Update 10/2022)