recordJet passengers Milky Chance sweep up Gold in the US

The triumphant march of recordJet passengers Milky Chance- an Overview
, , , KonsequenceKonsequence

Konsequence: “Being an artist nowadays does not only mean being great at what you do.”

Interview with Konsequence, recordJet Passenger of the Month in August 2015
, 3ViertelElf3ViertelElf

3viertelelf: “I’ve known of recordJet from almost the beginning. I followed its rise to success and think the concept is terrific.”

Interview with 3viertelelf, recordJet Passenger of the Month in July 2015
, The Naked HandsStephan Böhlige

The Naked Hands: “we can’t seem to stop with this damn thing called music”

Interview with The Naked Hands, recordJet Passenger of the Month in April 2015
Milky Chance

MILKY CHANCE have won themselves an ECHO Award

Our Passengers Milky Chance won an Echo for best national Act
Itunes Logo

New Service on Board: iTunes Instant Gratification

, James HerseyBastian Fischer

James Hersey: “People believe music should be free”

Interview with James Hersey, recordJet Passenger of the Month in March 2015