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Julia Wartmann: Creative Support for Musicians (Show Me the Moolah – Part 5)

Everything you need to know about contests, clubs and the importance of non-monetary support for musicians in Germany
, Julia Hartmann

Julia Wartmann: The Best Funding Opportunities for Musicians in Germany (Show Me the Moolah – Part 4)

Everything you need to know about economic and cultural funding for musicians in Germany.
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The Pretty Perfect Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Electronic press kit template - a must have
, Crowdfunding Anleitung

Crowdfunding in 6 Steps – Show me the Moolah (part 3)

Tips from an expert on how you as a musician can successfully finance your project through crowdfunding.
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Earn money every month with Patreon – Show me the moolah (part 2)

Patreon: a way for you as a musician to generate a regular income

Ask the crew: What does an online promotion agency do?

Online promotion agencies for music: when is it worth hiring one and what are the benefits?
Streaming Fraud

Ask the crew: Streaming fraud – a real option or something to avoid?

Artificially influencing streaming plays: sensible or not?

Captain’s advice: Verify your Shazam artist profile (Update: November 2019)

So kommt deine Musik in die Spotify Playlisten | recordJet

Cast your music into the limelight of the Spotify playlists (October 2019)

Spotify playlists: How to get Spotify and the playlist curators to notice your music.
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iTunes Holiday Delivery Deadlines 2018


iTunes Holiday Delivery Deadlines 2017