, Julia Wartmann Portrait

Julia Wartmann about Creative Support for Musicians

Everything you need to know about contests, clubs and the importance of non-monetary support for musicians in Germany
, Julia Hartmann

Julia Wartmann: The Best Funding Opportunities for Musicians in Germany

Everything you need to know about economic and cultural funding for musicians in Germany.
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The Pretty Perfect Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Electronic press kit template - a must have (Update September 2022)
, Crowdfunding Anleitung

Crowdfunding in 7 Steps -Test the Best

Tips from an expert on how you as a musician can successfully finance your project through crowdfunding.
, Patreon

Earn money every month with Patreon

Patreon: a way for you as a musician to generate a regular income

Ask the crew: What does an online promotion agency do?

Online promotion agencies for music: when is it worth hiring one and what are the benefits? (Update September 2022)
Spotify Tablet

How to get the best out of Spotify

More Streams and Tipps for your Music (Update 10/2022)
Streaming Fraud

Ask the crew: Streaming fraud – a real option or something to avoid?

Artificially influencing streaming plays: sensible or not?

Captain’s advice: Verify your Shazam artist profile

Youre indirect source as a musican- Shazam (Update Oktober 2022)
So kommt deine Musik in die Spotify Playlisten | recordJet

Cast your music into the limelight of the Spotify playlists

Spotify playlists: How to get Spotify and the playlist curators to notice your music.
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iTunes Holiday Delivery Deadlines 2018


iTunes Holiday Delivery Deadlines 2017