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Red Alert! What musicians can now do to network

“We need to network better!” For years we have heard this from musicians, organisers, etc; networking is what it’s all about. From small musicians to the biggest names, musicians have been and will always be people who like to do things on their own. But this attitude is a waste of resources and prevents many […]


BlackbirdPunk Consulting – a new on board service from recordJet

Do-it-yourself is on trend, but sometimes you need a little help to get moving. This is true for everyone, including musicians. In particular, because being a musician is no longer only about making music: These days it is extremely important to be aware of the opportunities the digital world has to offer – what platforms […]


Passenger of the Month in April 2021: Niconé

In Berlin’s vibrant club scene, it’s easy to become another artist lost in the crowd. To stand out, musicians must bend genres, take risks and keep fans on their toes, always anticipating what’s next. Niconé does just that. Constantly creating and always innovating, this German DJ and producer doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Alexander […]


Push Hard – a new on board service from recordJet

Do you make electronic music and need help with promotion? recordJet now has some new on board partners that are perfect for you. PUSH HARD are professionals – for over 10 years, the team headed by Lars Kämmerer has worked in the international music business with various labels and artists and now with recordJet, they […]


Passenger of the Month in March 2021: Dagobert

Click on the button to load the content from Load content Find more about Dagobert on Facebook and Instagram.   Each month the recordJet Crew and a handful of music editors will award the recordJet artist with the best release. As a reward, each Passenger of the Month will receive basic store promotion for free during […]


Passenger of the Month in February 2021: Mnevis

Since the release of their debut album Episodes at the beginning of 2019, Mnevis has quickly grown from an insider tip to an established newcomer. With their finely arranged and cinematic compositions, the Swiss four-piece delighted critics and listeners alike. Club gigs all over Switzerland, appearances at renowned festivals such as the Gurtenfestival or La Cité in […]


Bite it Promotion – a new on board service from recordJet

Promotion is everything! Okay, maybe not everything, but promo is super important for getting your music to an audience. Goes without saying, doesn’t it? How you tackle it, however, it is not always so clear. How do you get featured in blogs, how do you get contacted for a video première? Our partners from the […]


Welcome to the Clubhouse – can it be a trendy app for musicians too?

A new and potentially very additive app is getting popular among frequent social media users. If you use Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and co. regularly, you won’t want to miss out on the new trend: Clubhouse. That’s the name of the app which is currently trending like no other app before it. What is behind it, […]


vidsum – a new on board service from recordJet

YouTube is no longer a secret among musicians. Quite simply, it’s no longer possible to dismiss the importance of having a presence on the world’s largest music video platform. But how do viewers find you, a musician, among the billions of videos? If you want to put the finishing touches on your music videos and […]


Passenger of the Month in January 2021: Bury Me Alive

“Bury Me Alive” (short: BMA) is an Austrian metal and alternative metalcore band from Feldkirch, Vorarlberg. The band was formed by five members from various other bands in their area. With their debut album “Unexpected Miseries”, which was released in June 2019 and now has over one million streams on Spotify, they have already achieved […]


Level Up Your Music with Spotify Canvas

Spotify Canvas has recently become available for all artists. Nice! But what is it actually about? Canvas is a Spotify function that allows you to add a small looped image to your songs. It’s like an album cover for the age of streaming. What it should look like or what is depicted on it is […]


Passenger of the Month in December: Antifuchs

With a no holds barred approach and an attitude that lies in the happy medium between Kool Savas, Marteria, Feine Sahne Fischfilet and SXTN is where we find Antifuchs, who is rooted in the Russian east. If you don’t know her, you’ll soon realise that Fuchs is the crème de la crème of German rap […]