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Passenger of the Month in June 2020: LORENS

    Click on the button to load the content from Load content   Find LORENS on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube .   Each month the recordJet Crew and a handful of music editors will award the recordJet artist with the best release. As a reward, each Passenger of the Month will receive basic store […]


The Pretty Perfect Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

  There are a few things that musicians simply can’t do without. One of these would be a perfect EPK – electronic press kit. The EPK is your personal business card, something which exemplifies you as a musician or band. If you want to make the best EPK you can, simply follow our advice. Otherwise, […]


Crowdfunding in 6 Steps – Show me the Moolah (part 3)

Crowdfunding as a financing concept is no secret. It is a way of financing a project in advance through small (or even large) donations from fans and supporters. If it is successful, the supporters will get a reward. We have summarised what the possibilities and tricks in this area are, what the pros and cons are […]


Passenger of the Month in May 2020: KAYEF

  KAYEF is a native of Düsseldorf and grew up there in a musical family. At the age of 12 years, he first came into contact with German rap thanks to his brother. Shortly thereafter he began to write his own lyrics and record them over instrumentals of his favourite songs and under his stage name, […]


Earn money every month with Patreon – Show me the moolah (part 2)

For many musicians, Patreon is a good way to generate a monthly income. In times of lockdown crisis, the platform is booming – and rightly so. We interviewed Ronny Krieger in his capacity as General Manager Europe at Patreon. Here you can learn what Patreon is all about, who registration could be worthwhile for and […]


Our virtual high-five for you: 50% discount on your next release

Thursday was international high-five-day. (Not joking!) To make sure that everybody gets the high-five he or she deserves, we have a virtual high-five for you. How does this work? We give you 50% discount on your next release! The code #HIGHFIVE is valid until April 24th 2020.