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Passenger of the Month in June 2019: Shacke One

Nordachse presents: Lord of the underground, outlaw, hood celebrity and enabler Shacke One is back with his 3rd solo release. Shackitistan with it’s 9 tracks is filled with his familiar modest lines about his own world: Shackitistan. Buy now: Shacke One – Shakitistan Click on the button to load the content from Load content […]


Passenger of the Month in May 2019: Giant Rooks

Passenger of the Month in May 2019 – Giant Rooks Wild Stare was the first sign of life by Giant Rooks after their acclaimed EP New Estate. On April 19th, 2019, they will release a second EP, named after the very same song. And it shows why they are the most promising newcomer in their […]


Passenger of the Month in March 2019: MADANII

Passenger of the Month in March 2019: MADANII Who decides what’s ‚normal“? And what if you’ll never fit into said ‚norm’ no matter how hard you try? The feeling of otherness is one only too familiar to Dena Madani who was born the daughter of Iranian refugees in Germany. Her thoughtful lyrics describe self doubt […]


On the Radar: Mista Meta

  Photocredit: Luis Primo de la Fuente   “I ain’t got time for Jail, I’ve got so much things to do”   with this line Mista Meta, west-berlins prettiest motherfu*ker, rises up from the underground and kicks in the doors of the german rapgame. Due to the perfect mixture of pure aggressiveness and pure aggressiveness, […]


Passenger of the Month in February 2019: LUI HILL

  LUI HILL’s come a long way – in many ways – from the small city in which he grew up. He can – at least in part – thank his father for this, though not for the reasons that many musicians thank their parents. HILL’s father, after all, didn’t play him records, nor teach […]


EDEL – our new partner for physical distribution

We are working with a physical distribution partner: EDEL is flying our physical sales-jet since the beginning of 2019 – to get to know EDEL a little better, here are some facts about the new partner: Edel AG is one of the leading independent media companies in Europe. It is a combination of a label […]


Passenger of the Month in January 2019: Bilderbuch

Passenger of the Month in January 2019: Bilderbuch Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and reflect on the amazing journey of Bilderbuch. Founded in 2005, the Upper Austrians kicked into gear in 2013 when the release of their song “Maschin” rendered everything called “indie rock” old news. “Schick Schock“, a super-charged hybrid of 50 […]


Passenger of the Month im Dezember 2018: Katja Aujesky

Passenger of the Month in December 2018: Katja Aujesky   You’re so beautiful and sad, you’re so achingly beautiful. (Blauer Mond)   Rarely has bathing in melancholy felt as elegant as listening to the songs of singer and composer Katja Aujesky.   By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always […]


Passenger of the Month im November 2018: Amilli

Passenger of the Month in November 2018: Amilli Meet Amilli, a just turned 18 year old singer from Bochum, Germany. Listen here: Amilli – Maybe Click on the button to load the content from Load content With a lot of soul in her voice and a feeling for unique melodies she manages to keep the […]